Summer is coming…

Camels in the shade

The shade won’t save us now.

I remember when I first arrived in Dubai. January, 2015. 27 °C. Coming from Canadian winter, I was already dying of heat.

My colleagues teased me, as I fanned my already sweaty brow. “This is nothing!” they exclaimed, smiling knowingly of the heat to come.

As the months carried on, so did the temperature rise.

I would arrive to meetings outside the office extra early, careful to not make the walk from the taxi to indoors too brisk, ducking into the washroom first to dab myself down with paper towels.

42 in May

Real life. May 2015.

The average high in the summer is around 41 °C. It often gets close to 49°C.

49°C. This is not a typo folks. Couple that with 95% humidity.

Have you ever put your face over a pot of boiling water and felt the steam? This is what Dubai summers feel like.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re talking even-my-eyeballs-are-hot hot.

For the past few months, I’ve been relishing in the perfect Dubai temperatures, also know as “winter”. I’ve comfortably walked outside, enjoyed outdoor meals during the day, thinking about those suckers in Canada with their snow and cold winds.

How quickly I forget that this is temporary. That what (thermometer) goes down, must come up.

It was 32°C today, and humid. By the time I walked home, I could feel my clothes were tighter (things expand with heat, right?) and sticky. It’s still only March.

Brace yourselves. Summer is coming…

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