(Unexpected) Camel Spotting in the UAE

Camels crossing sign

I’m no camel enthusiast, but I’d be lying if I say that I don’t squeal with delight every time I see one.

While at times Dubai can seem like every other city, with its tall buildings, manicured green shrubs, and big paved highways, there’s nothing like an unexpected camel sighting to remind you that you’re really in the middle of the desert.

I was on my way to a meeting this morning, admittedly in a developing area outside the city, and spotted these lovely creatures.


Camel on the way to work.jpg

On the way to a meeting – no big deal.

On a day trip to Fujairah (an emirate within the UAE), my husband and I took a wrong turn, and happened upon a plethora of camels just chilling beside the road!

Camels in the shade

We deliberately took this wrong turn again, with hopes of showing visitors our discovery, and there they were again.

Camel on the way to Fujairah

Camels crossing

The “camels crossing” sign was necessary!

Also, while these photos were from a desert safari I went on with my sister, where a camel sighting, let alone camel ride, is to be expected, they’re simply too hilarious not to share.

Hold on tight

My sister and future brother-in-law, holding on for dear life.

They're safe

It’s ok – they’re safe! But she did jump off as soon as she could.

If you are into camels, and want to make sure they are part of your visit to Dubai, check out this list for five places to spot camels in the UAE.

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