About Me

My name is Alisha Tharani. Welcome to my blog, From YYZ to DXB.

coffee photoOriginally (and proudly) from Toronto, I moved to Dubai just over a year ago for a great job and new experiences.

Development professional by day, food-enthusiast by night, my blog explores what it’s like to live and work in Dubai as an expat.

I’ve been working in the non-profit field for six years now, seeking to connect people with the causes they care about. Starting as a face-to-face fundraiser on the streets of Toronto, I later moved to to work directly for my one of my favourite international humanitarian organizations. Since then, I’ve had some amazing experiences and mentors along the way, and am passionate about learning more.

I also love food and am excited about trying new things. You’ll find that I love writing about new restaurants to try, and different areas to check out in Dubai, including and beyond typical tourist attractions.



All views expressed here are my own.

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