Camping in the UAE: 24 Hours at Al Qudra

Camping at Al Qudra

People are always talking about camping around this time of year, trying to get a few trips in before the weather becomes unbearably hot.

Talking in theory is one thing, but then our kind Canadian friends invited us to go – on a specific weekend, to a specific place. My husband loves camping, so there was no backing out now.

We were lucky enough to tag along with their friends, as well – avid campers who knew the scene and were equipped with the patience and gear to host us newbies to UAE camping life.

So last Saturday, armed with our Toyota Yaris and 25 dirham-Carrefour sleeping bags, (roughly $8.50 Canadian… you don’t need heavy-duty Coleman for this weather!) we set off to Al Qudra Lakes.  Continue reading